feathers – dec 2016

These are a group of watercolors I made as holiday presents for my family this year. I’ve been testing different techniques to find a style I can call my own. In these tried,with varying degrees of success, to just paint and not worry about how accurately the finished product depicted the actual feathers.


In the future I think I’ll focus more on the painting what I see and less on trying to copy it. I was quite pleased with the results.



1st watercolor in over a decade

My feather collection hadn’t been getting out of hand but hadn’t done much more than take up space on a shelf. I’d learned to watercolor while studying architecture so I decided to dust off the old palette, pick up a few new brushes, and give it ago. I have all these feathers around so I picked out a few, set them up (see below), and got painting. Ten years of rust meant mistakes but it also means a fresh start at developing a new style.

In the end it was a bit like riding a bike. I hadn’t forgotten, but that didn’t mean there weren’t a few spills.